Pictures from year 2013

Playdate at Samuel, 12/30
Christmas 2013
Snowflake Lane in Bellevue
Yoga's Birthday
The 2013 Snowpocalypse
Various Vlad & Radu
Radu at Kindercare, Sept-Nov
Gregory's Birthday, 11/16
With Vlad at Pacific Science Center
Final soccer day, 2013
2013 Halloween and school party
Pre-Halloween party at Cristi & Irina, 10/27
Soccer weekends, 10/19 & 10/26
Soccer weekends, 10/5 & 10/12
Kelsey Creek Farm Fair, 10/12
Two weekends at soccer training
First soccer lesson @ Lake Hills Soccer Club
Sixty Acres soccer & Sammamish Bike Trail
Ferry ride to Bainbridge
In Spiritridge park, 08/04
In Idylwood park and at Redmond movie nights
Bellevue mall, 07/27
With Cornel in Redmond 07/20
A day out with Thomas, 07/19
At Remlingers' farm 07/14
La tuns, 07/13
In Spiritridge park, 07/13
Hike at Barclay Lake, 7/06
In park, waiting for mommy, 07/05
4th of July
Strawberries festival
Vlad's Pre-K graduation, 06/21
Chris' birthday, 06/15
At Crossroads park, 06/09
Seattle Science Festival, 06/08
Vlad si Radu in parks, weekend 06/01
Group fun with Electric Boats
Memorial Day at Egan
Easter at Cornel, 5/5
In Mercer Slough, 05/04
Egg Hunt in Crossroads park, 3/31
In Crossroads parks, 03/30
Egan's birthday, 3/23
Samuel's Birthday, 03/16
Vlad @ Crossroads, 03/09
Taiere mot Radu, 03/02
With Cornel, Daniela & the girls
Vlad's birthday, 02/09
William's birthday, 1/27
Radu in daycare (Infant room)
At Teo's birthday, 01/12
Again on skis
Alex's birthday, 01/06
Vlad, first time on skis - Go Powderpigs!